Drug ridden eyes are yellow.

Joy filled hearts are mellow.

For all my people who stayed i guess i could say you’re my fellows.

Let’s fellowship. 

Grow old and look back and witness the melo- 

-Drama,the melodrama that you put up with because i was a jerk. I’m sorry i wasn’t as sweet.

The heart wants What it wants.

The heart wants What it wants.

“She played the Fidel on an Irish band,but she fell in love with an English man,kissed her by the neck then took her by the hand,told her I just want to dance”

I would tell you I love you tonight but I feel there’s somewhere that’s better for you. We used to set each other’s lonely nights,but lately all we’ve been doing is burning down bridges between our love and eternity. I just wanna have a conversation but pride…. Complications….We never fight but I can see it in your eyes. Maybe we’re scared of love,and what did it do to us? It’s like you want me to be perfect but you can’t see that I’m hurting. Sometimes it’s hard to please you when you’re taking my breath and blowing it away. I think about the end way to much, not because it’s fun to fantasize but because the pain has become a part of me, it’s easy finding comfort in pain rather than battling for your joy. I keep wondering if I just dodged a bullet or lost the love of my life. It hurts when you lose the one you wanted, because she’s taken you for granted. Say it’s just a mistake,I’d forgive you for it. But remember that band aids don’t fix bullet holes,these cuts are too deep for a band aid solution. 

While you’re out there feeling the world, watching the flowers bloom, I’ll be living my life, falling deeper in love with you,as the darkness looms.Are we fading lovers? Should we let this go? Should we chase forever? Or just stop being together? Two hearts still beating but with different rhythms. I’ve got a hole in my heart from some kind of emotional rollercoaster. Please don’t go away,and I’ll hold on to it now, because someday when you leave you’ll see me in hindsight telling emotional earthquakes bring disaster. But you’re here with me now, I don’t want you to go because nobody knows the secret tomorrow will hold.

There’s so much I can’t explain,like why we’re helping each other escape. And it hurts that we’re causing this. I could use a dream right now or we could pretend airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars,grant me one last wish. But it won’t matter now unless your heart’s in it. There are moments we’ll fall to the ground,but that’s when we are stronger. Let’s get back up be just you and I, because we make the stars shine like they were ours. We could be beautiful,take me back to the time only we knew, travel back down that road.

There’s a calm surrender to the rush of day when the heat of a rolling wind can be turned away,an enchanted moment and it sees me through, it’s enough for this restless heart to be with you. Something about you makes me wanna try again,I tried to fill the space, forget my mistakes,you just can’t be replaced. I’m jealous of the way you’re happy without me.

My Love 1

My Love 1

​I met with her one day 

I couldn’t keep my feelings at bay

She was beautiful not just on the outside

I could see it even on the inside 

Clearly I’m in love 

Someone get me a cute turtle dove 

Her name was Kay, still is. 

Mine is Bay 

Don’t ask why we don’t rhyme 

Listen to two clocks chime 

Don’t misunderstand me 

Our love used to be right 

When Darkness Looms 7

When Darkness Looms 7

When darkness looms and I can’t seem to find myself

All I can do is keep my feelings true 

And hope my heart won’t stop to feel

Because there feelings I have for you are real

I’m not mad,I’m perfectly sane

But my heart is crazy, crazy in love

Crazy because it has already made a stand

To die without you,so please if you do leave me,

Get me six feet in my backyard

Or put me on a hot air balloon and let me fly to Neverland

But remember that I’ll always love you. 

The person I’m writing this for doesn’t even read my blog but just in case you do know that this is true.

When Darkness Looms 6

When Darkness Looms 6

She always holds my eyes in a timeless glance

And leaves my mind in a state of trance

Her smile always leaves me confused

Wondering how it would feel if her lips and mine were fused

Never before has it hurt as such

That is how I know I love her this much

And I want her to stay with me till eternity

Because the thought of her leaving me threatens my sanity

Her heart will stay with me forever

And with it I’m sure we’ll always be together

When Darkness Looms 5

When Darkness Looms 5

When darkness looms,even the stars seem to sleep

The clouds so heavy all we can do is hope they don’t drip

She had been all alone

And when I came into her life

It was like to her,a new dawn

I showed her love and affection

And she gave it back

Like a mirror in its reflection

Now her spring has found a source

And I’m never letting go off this beauty

Because I don’t want to live my life feeling guilty

For now the stars seem to wake

And the clouds are clearing,

It’s best that way for our sake.