Lonely Heart 

She was a dime, but there’s always that cut that even time doesn’t heal. She gave the world her all. But nobody ever noticed it. Her smile, it was perfect in the most beautiful way. Her laughter, it was cherry in the most cheerful way. Whenever she lit up the world even the sun seemed dull but whenever she was sad the stars shone the brightest. I noticed her beauty, you did too. I smiled back whenever she did, oblivious of the evident pain in her life. She built her wall so high no one could climb it. 

“She’s proud “,”She thinks she’s a queen”,”She can’t even love” .

That is what they mongered among themselves. If they only knew the truth. She did it to protect them. To keep them away from the pain that sparked that flame in her heart. The flame that burned everyone she got close to. She died inside every day, having a lot of love but being lonely at the same time. She hurt every minute, having the most beautiful smile but the darkest scar in her heart. It hurt, It hurt so much to have a lonely heart. 

When I looked at her, I could see the stars in her eyes. She sat on the hill under the stary sky and gazed at the constellation. The one that seemed to mock her soul.Moonlight shone on her face and illuminated the pretty In her. She sat crying her greatest fears away. The echo in the valley amplified the pain that tormented her every dream as it reverberated through the chilling night. She longed for a soul to touch her own, for a flaw to match her own, for someone who’s love for her had grown. Grown just enough to handle the burn that came with loving her, getting attached, because whenever someone got close to her they went astray with a heart that needed to be patched. Being alone brought her comfort, she was a comfortable  loner. The quiet was perfect for the loudest thoughts, the silence was deafening. Here She could be by herself , be her true self and hurt all night. Not because of being lonely, hurt because of having a lonely heart 


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