The sky today is gay but so is she, 

It is blue, sky blue, like the colour of her eyes 

Even when it’s clear, not a cloud in sight, it is oddly cold. But it’s not the weather, it’s the heart. 

The sky is clear, there is light but it’s still dark, there is the heat but it still feels cold. In the same way she smiles, but is sad. 

It is beautiful but sorrowful, I guess it’s pretty saddening . She is flawless but is full of scars. She is easy but try crossing her turf. 

It is love. She is in love with you and she dies everyday for it.  She dies when you arrive home late. She dies every time she has to wear make up to cover up the calluses after last night’s beating. She dies when you don’t remind her of how much you love her. She dies everyday when you’re out making love to your “bestfriend “  . She dies everyday you’re staring at some other ass on the queue at the supermarket. She dies everyday when you don’t kiss her good morning and tell her how beautiful she looks. She dies everyday when you don’t notice the Burns she gets preparing your favourite dish, which you probably just left on the table because you got home late. She dies everyday when she sees other couples living happy lives. She dies when you jump into bed wearing rubber completely oblivious of her craving for a son, a daughter. She dies every valentines when she’s all alone at home feeling cold and watching ‘The Fault in our Stars.’ She dies every year when you don’t remember to get her something for her birthday. She dies every time when she has to lie to her friends how happy a life she’s living. She dies every time another man cares for her More than you do. She dies every fucking time she tells her best friend that she can’t leave you because she sees something in you, a change, a silver lining. 

She dies every single fucking day because she fucking loves you. Now get a grip of your fucking self, get home early, give her a warm bath, offer to cook for her while she rests tonight, buy the oldest bottle you can, watch a movie together, think of cute baby names, then ask her where she’d like to go next valentines, ask her best friend what she would recommend as a birthday gift, then finally carry her to bed and hold her close, and whisper In her ear how much you love her. 

Dear man, 

Take note of all this, 

It is one to sell, a note to self. 

Don’t take her for granted, 

She chose you for a reason. 

She’s not one to sell, keep her just for yourself. 

A note to SELLF 


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