The Truth About Life

I had no idea that it’d take just one day with my most irresponsible cousin, who is actually kind of living my dream, to realise the truth about life. Well the truth is, a lot of people care about you but at some point in life they will feel you let them down, or maybe can’t put up with you any longer.  But your parents, they’ll always be there. Their place will always be home. Even when you’re a grown ass man and you’re hella broke, your landlord kicked you out, their place will always be home. A parent will always have enough to provide for their child, not their brother and neither their sister. 

In this life you can’t always be dependent on other people. You have to learn to be dependent. And when you’re a leech you try as much as possible to minimize your dependence lest you get eliminated. Even the tick is clever enough not to irritate the host. When you’re a man you Need to face the challenges in life chin in. Dont opt for the better option. 


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