Crush- an intense but usually short-lived infatuation

First Love – The first person to be the object of one’s romantic affection.Also called puppy love, calf love, dawn of love. 

It’s true you don’t know what you got until you lose it and yes the first cut is really the deepest. You don’t remember how beautiful she is until you lose the chance to tell her. We’d been together for close to two years. Maybe it was just adolescent love. Bottom line, it hurt. I Even thought about writing a book, I’d started on the prologue. It went as so :

We all start somewhere at some time. We all meet that someone who invades our feelings, steals your heart away. 

That first love which she never appreciated anyway. 

This is not the story of my first love, nor is it that of my first breakup, it’s just the silent cries of a love lorn guy. 

Pretty catchy right? Even I couldn’t resist reading a book with such a start. Anyway, all you ladies out there who had a fantasy boyfriend in high school who you probably met later in form three will agree with me that he was the talk of the dormitory after some function. You were the centre of attraction, probably the boss chiq of that little swarm of bees which always hovered around you and followed you everywhere except the deputy’s office. You probably thought his life revolved around you till you ran to hug him and he snugged you like he never even knew you. Then you realised that you hadn’t received a single letter from him. He dumped you for some other chiq with that slightly bigger ass or brighter future. It hurt you more than it hurt him. Don’t worry those type of guys are asses.

I used to be an ass too, till I met this girl. She was beautiful. Not Rihanna beautiful, not even Beyonce beautiful, neither was she like those models in beauty pageants. She was beautiful in her own way. She gave me a whole different definition of beautiful . How could I even dare be an ass. She was beautiful on the inside. She wasn’t the type you meet and make out and then you bail out of that relationship. She was the type to care about, to love. She became the centre of my world. And together we stayed, then came the other guy. He meant nothing to her really but you can’t blame a guy in love for being jealous. You can’t help but feel betrayed. So I decided to ignore her besides, I look good too I get chased too. So it’s true,”When you have a good girl, remember that other people want her.”

For once I felt what other people felt. The pain, the shatter. Heart breaks are as real as fares hiking in five minutes’ interval. Try riding to town in those paradisos.   And they’re as painful as waking up on a Sunday morning only to realise you blew you crappy salary on booze and it being the first breakup makes it even worse for you. 

Well being a guy you’ll probably stitch it up with a tonne load of liquor, but it’s different for girls. They’ll live with it for the rest of their lives deep inside their hearts. Buried in a dark pit. Piece of advice : Don’t take her for granted. 



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