Food Wars: An Enemy of the Table

It’s already ten minutes past 6.00. There’s no food on the table. Tumbo can’t stand it no longer and it’s Ugali on the menu. ‘Kwani nitakuwa naendea chakula kila siku! ‘ The words linger in his mind.  I know he’s just longing for a minor provocation to blurt them out. Probably not with his mouth but rather, his fists. He already has them clenched. Tumbo is a typical Kisii guy. He is well built and has a very short Temper, you don’t want to be getting on his bad side. He likes bananas, well he’s an agriculture student and probably has  a whole bunch, make that two, stashed somewhere accessible only to him. He also has a relatively large foot. I’m not being hyperbolic here just try and find out how far the ball goes when he’s playing defence for his class. I might have left out the more obvious fact. He loves eating it’s a hobby, look at his name. It seems he’ll be serving yet again. Third week in a row now. He decides to punish the other members. ‘I’m the only one taking meat today’ he thinks to himself. After one minute of fishing in cabbage soup his plate is almost empty except for six pieces of meat neatly spread out. He can’t help but celebrate victory with a broad frown. The other table members have now arrived. He lets them have a piece of his mind. Kadogo is even lucky, he gets a piece of his fist, or rather the whole of it. Nobody is impressed by the braggadocio, they just watch him stride away in contempt. Nobody can fight for Kadogo lest they get lucky too. Mwenye nguvu mpishe.   The exit bell rings and the students all walk out of the crowded hall leaving the scavengers and starved looking for more gold, food. Mr. Magodo, the teacher on duty is relaxed encouraging the boys to hurry to class.  Tumbo is seated next to the sinks not in any hurry. His plate is still half full. “You’ll have to pour that or you’ll be late “says Mr. Magodo. Tumbo thinks aloud ‘Better late than hungry’ Despite being a macho man and all he has to respect authority.  He wouldn’t want to be sleeping on his belly for the next one week due to a severe whooping on his nether behinds. He hides his food safely, stored for later on. The enemy of the table. 


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