Who now? Why this? 

Who am I? Click here To Find out.


A downright critic isn’t what the community wants, but it is what it needs. Tell them the truth. Project the lies, no more Shades of colour, I’m putting it clear in black and white.  I’m not a connoisseur on society matters but I am an enthusiast when it comes to giving people the truth.

I’m pretty shady, I’ll probably mix up on what it is I’m really writing about. Fashion, Entertainment, Politics, Humour, General Issues, Creative writing. But I’ll be making a decision soon, based on the audience. We don’t start by being perfect.

I don’t write a lot, I just do it to impress myself. Just to support my ego ,keep my nerve on,the braggadocio. Just give your feedback.

Feel free to condemn yourself for my openness, candor


3 thoughts on “Who now? Why this? 

  1. One of my favorite writers got in trouble a long time ago. Jack London said. I write to make money to ensure my good life. Not to impress anyone. You write for yourself and maybe someone else must enjoy. I like your words and honest thoughts.

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